Automate stock management with gomac purchase orders.
gomac provides a 4 stage purchase order flow which is easy to understand and use. Automate your stock management with gomac purchase orders.
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Automate stock management with gomac purchase orders.


Automate stock management with gomac purchase orders.

23:44 28 August in gomac, News, Tips and Tricks

In this article, we will be talking a bit about how the stock and purchase order module works in gomac, the Purchase Order flow and how you can go about creating your first Purchase Order in gomac. So lets get started.

In gomac, stock and purchase orders are available as sub modules under the parent ‘Purchase’ module. As displayed in the picture above, the Purchase module’s initial page opens its dashboard which shows some important data such as your Stock levels, Low Stock products, Available Stock, Purchase Order statuses, Awaiting Stock and a quick overview of currently active Purchase Orders. From this dashboard you can drill down to the specific module you wish to view, i.e: Purchase Order or Stock. Lets start things off with Purchase Orders since it is an important aspect of effective business inventory management and a key player in the gomac inventory management flow.


The Purchase Order (PO) Process

gomac Purchase Order Module

gomac’s purchase order process contains 4 stages where a PO can exist. These stages are Pending, Approved, Rejected/Cancelled and Complete. When a new PO is created, it is automatically placed in the Pending stage. The reason behind this move is discussed in the next section.To open the Purchase Order sub module, click on the ‘List’ button next to the Purchase Order tab in the parent Dashboard.


Pending Purchase Orders

This stage allows for any changes to be made to a Purchase Order such as amend details of the products within the PO, change the Due Date and Reference Code. It is important you make any required changes before approving a purchase order as approved purchase orders are not allowed any major changes such as add/remove products. Once a PO is ready to be moved to the next stage in the cycle, the pending PO has to be either Approved or Rejected. This can be done with a single click using the Approve and Reject buttons provided in the Pending tab grid (see picture below).
gomac Pending Purchase Orders


Approved Purchase Orders

If a purchase order is Approved from the Pending stage, gomac will move that PO to the ‘Approved‘ tab. From here, the PO can be Downloaded or Emailed to the selected supplier directly from within gomac. As well as giving you the functionality to download and email the Purchase Order, the ‘Approved’ tab is also where you can mark the received stock of PO’s.From the Approved tab’s grid, find the ‘Stock Received’ column and click on the blue hierarchy button to select the amount of stock received. A popup will open where you will be able to select the products which have been received. This allows for flexibility when marking received stock, as often stock is received partially. Once any amount of stock from within the PO has been marked as received, gomac automatically updates your stock levels depending on your input. NOTE: a PO cannot be cancelled once partial or full stock has been marked as received.

gomac Approved Purchase Orders


Rejected/Cancelled Purchase Orders

Depending on if the PO is Approved or Rejected, gomac will move it to the appropriate stage. If a PO is Rejected, it will be moved into the Rejected/Cancelled stage. Purchase Orders in this stage are no longer functional. In order to reinstate that PO, the ‘Reorder’ button can be pressed to use that cancelled/rejected purchase order as a template to quickly create a new PO.
gomac Rejected/Cancelled Purchase Orders


Completed Purchase Orders

This is the final stage of the gomac Purchase Order process. Once full stock of a purchase order has been marked as received, gomac will move that PO to the ‘Complete’ stage. From here, various information can be changed such as the Issue date and Due date. The Purchase Order can also be downloaded from this tab using the Print button provided within the grid. Similar to the Rejected/Cancelled stage, this stage also allows the ability to use a previously completed Purchase Order as a template to create a new PO and reorder more stock.
gomac Completed Purchase Orders


The gomac Stock Management Module

The gomac stock management sub-module allows you to view, manage and edit your actual stock. The inventory within this sub-module will be accessible from other gomac modules such as Orders. To start managing your Stock with gomac, click on the ‘List’ button provided next to the ‘Direct Stock’ tab in the Purchase dashboard. This will take you to the Stock sub-module which is pictured in the image below.
gomac Stock Management Sub-Module

From this page, various different aspects of a stock can be changed. It is important to note that this page does not display available stock by Product. That is shown in the initial Purchase Dashboard. This sub-module displays the stock entries by Supplier. It lists various details of a stock such as the Stock Code (NOT the product code), Received Date, the Warehouse (this is any physical place where you stock is kept), quantity of products within a stock, Products within a stock and any Notes added to a stock.

If you make use of the gomac purchase order module then you will probably never need to open this module as all the stock will automatically be added by gomac through the purchase order flow. However, if you do not want to make use of the gomac purchase order flow, this module can be used entirely on its own. Simply access this module whenever you need to add new stock, click on the ‘New Stock’ button provided in the page and fill all the required details.


That is it for now. We are still adding and improving features to this module to give all the tools to simplify your purchase order and stock management process.


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