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Established within the IT industry for over 20 years. Regardless of the problem and the severity of your IT problem, we can fix it. SVS IT also provides a SaaS data management software called gomac that allows data management, order tracking and booking, stock management and more.
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The Importance of Data & Purchase Orders – gomac


The Importance of Data & Purchase Orders – gomac

21:06 01 July in gomac

gomac was developed from the ground up by a small team at SVS IT Solutions Limited. This was the result of two individuals dedicated to improve the work flow within the family business, however, as development went on, the circumstances changed and it was decided to make gomac a solution that everybody can utilize within their own business. It started with a need for software other than the Microsoft Access database that was being used at our premises. We thought to ourselves, why not create a cloud based platform that can be used by not only us but also by the many different businesses that are already seeking an easy to use, simple and straight forward software yet within its simplicity, gives you the major functionalities you may need in your endeavors and day to day work life.


The Importance of Data.

With data now becoming the primary source of knowledge, success and revenue, the need to store, analyse, view and understand it is crucial to any business regardless of size especially in today’s competitive market. gomac can be customized to fit almost any business whether it is a small computer/mobile repair shop or a full scale wholesaler business. Create purchase orders, invoices, manage stock, create various orders and run email campaigns, these are just a few of the features gomac currently provides. More and more features and functionalities are being added on a weekly basis.

Oh and did I mention, there is an attractive dashboard to view your data through various different charts. We are currently developing the dashboard to transform it into a full Business Intelligence (BI) module. This will give you the ability to not only carry out your day to day activities from within gomac but when the time comes to understand and analyze how you business is actually performing, you will have a tool which usually costs thousands of pounds, ready and waiting for you to utilize — at no extra cost. To view the full set of features in gomac, click here.


Stock, Purchase Orders and Suppliers

Purchase Orders (PO) are a crucial factor that become a contract between the buyer and the seller once accepted. A PO will define the agreed prices and quantities of products and/or services. Purchase Orders allow the ability to streamline the process of purchasing more stock. Typically a software that you may use to create purchase orders will involve, creating the purchase order, downloading the generated PO file, opening your business mail box, find the supplier email address, attach the PO file and send it out. Yea! We know what your thinking — that was a long process. With gomac, however, a purchase order can be created in a matter of minutes or even seconds if you are typing wizard and sent out to the supplier directly from within it, reducing the time to manually download the file. If you do wish to download the file for your records, there is that option too — best of both worlds!. Moving on, once your purchase has been accepted by the supplier and you receive the stock, simply mark the stock quantity received in gomac using simple check boxes which will then automatically be added to your stock levels — streamlining the typical purchase order process even more.


Free Sign Up & 30 day obligation free trial

We know what it is like when deciding to use another software, millions of doubts and questions are popping into your mind. That is why we offer a 30 day obligation free, no payment details required trial period and if you need a bit more time to test gomac out and better understand it, drop us a message at We are a friendly bunch, we will try and work something out for you. The sign up process is simple, easy and gives you instant access. You don’t have to commit just yet, try it out first.


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