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GoMac is a SaaS based solution that gives users access to many different tools existing and upcoming to manage the data within their business. The days of spreadsheet are over. GoMac provides a user friendly interface to add, edit, view, manage and analyse any amount of data your company generates.
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gomac Launch


gomac Launch

00:34 01 May in gomac, SVS IT Solutions LTD

We are pleased to announce the official launch of gomac.

This software is developed from the ground up by a small team at SVS IT Solutions LTD. gomac is available for anyone that wishes to join and use this cloud data management platform. The sign up process is simple, easy and instantaneous. gomac gives you a free 30 day trial to test out the new software and get used to it before you make any commitment. The gomac sign up requires no payment details, so rest assured when we mean free, it is exactly what you will get. You can sign up for a 30 day free account for gomac here.


A little bit about gomac.

gomac is a software that was the result of two individuals dedicated to improve the work flow within the family business, however, as development went on, the circumstances changed and it was decided to make gomac a solution that everybody can utilize within their own business. The need to store, analyse, view and understand data is crucial to any business, especially in today’s competitive market and gomac allows you to manage your orders, sales, customers, suppliers and stocks currently. Almost everything in gomac is customizable to fit your individual needs such as in the Order section, you can define your own Order Types, Status and payment methods to name a few. gomac also generates barcodes for the products in your stock which you can easily print of and stick them on your products, allowing the management of physical products through gomac. For more information on the features of gomac, visit the official gomac site.


Here when you need us.

Here at SVS IT Solutions LTD and with gomac, our main priority is customer satisfaction. We will do all in our power to satisfy your needs with our services. Especially with gomac, we welcome your feedback and opinions towards it. If there is a feature or service that gomac currently dosen’t provide and you would like to include it, pop over to our contact us page and shoot us a message, we will do our best to implement your changes within gomac and make sure you are happy with it.


Find out more about gomac and sign up for FREE at